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The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams by Alessandra Sanguinetti

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☞Why Some Men Prefer Fat Women or Flesh-Covered Blow-Up Dolls☜


There is a reason why certain kinds of men target me instantaneously when I dare to leave the house to go about my daily business. The most unctuous, repulsive, ethically infantile males who manage (barely) to walk upright.

I am a very large, very fat woman. And for predators I am a public…

I’m extremely attractive brush lol


a hater a day keeps the fucks at bay. don’t be mad cause i’m doin’ me better than you doin’ you. <3

- oversized shapeless short dress by h&m (via my friend jordan)
- grey knee socks by sockdreams
- beat up old boots by urban outfitters
- suede cobalt blue backpack by street level via urban outfitters.

canceraidsrape: Being fat is almost always the persons own fault I shouldn't have to sugar coat what I say to make you feel better. Put down the burgers and get on a treadmill. Nice try attacking my sex life though(which is going great since you asked). P.s. I don't fuck goats...I make love to them




Haha it wasn’t an attack I’m extremely comfortable with myself. My sex life with my gorgeous boyfriend is well too. But I read the recent posts you have written. Let me just say I am an adult. I’ll never see you in real life. I will never have the pleasure of slapping your face because of the disgusting things you write to others. But for the fact that someone you have insulted may have ended their life due to what you have written today from your close minded thoughts. Their blood is on your hands. You could be a murderer as we speak. Maybe because you were the straw that broke the camels back but none the less you chose to convince or rather shove your opinion onto any person who would give you attention. Think before you speak. Every action has a consequence. You may not pay for it now but karma is a vengeful bitch.

You realize I don’t give a flying fuck right? “Karmas a bitch” seriously? Wow you’re fucking stupid. Your stupidity almost matches your “gorgeous” boyfriends insecurity for fucking an ignorant fat slob like you. But then again you gotta plow a four to appreciate an eight. Please tell me though what is it I’ve said that’s so “disgusting”

I your extremely deluded if you think what you just wrote to me hurts my feelings it doesn’t. I’ve been fat all of my life please explain to me how a 4 yr old can watch their weight and before you bring my mother into this please believe my weight was not her feeding me in excess. I had a healthy diet growing up as well now. I’m extremely active as well. The Lord gave me my body and I intend to embrace it along with my ripped marine boyfriend who not only cares greatly about physical fitness but also is encouraging loving and understands me. He knows that are things that can’t be changed but only improved upon. He not only loves how I look but loves me for me he took the time to learn who I am. He is a rare person. A wonderful person and for you to say anything against him is disgusting. Life is wonderful and your sitting over there with either a computer or phone focused on how you might get a laugh or attention from a screen. Yes I’m sure you’ll retort with something to say about how I’m fat or gluttonous or greedy but you don’t know me. You’ve never met me. Your talking out of the side of your face and I pity you. Because you have no idea of how much a person who isn’t deemed attractive can give to another. You are a peon compared to them. The ones you deem fit to inform them of your bigotry. Please tell me more of your dumb opinion because at the end of the day I can move on turn my phone off or block you and I’ll go on with my life, expanding my knowledge, being accepting and not judging.